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Client Newsletter

Here is the sample issue of Client Knowledge Report for Members of Client Knowledge Center. It will be helpful to you in making your clients and others aware of the educational opportunities you are making available to them. It is part of our systematic approach towards marketing your webcasts and your website in general. Plus Client Knowledge Report can do double duty (at your option without cost)--as your monthly general client newsletter.


Sample CKC Newsletter

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September 2014

Client Knowledge Report

At (your firm name) we take pride in being more than just accountants for our clients. Our objective is to help clients grow their businesses and improve performance. In furtherance of that objective, we have established an online resource for our clients, which includes a library of short business education webcasts for viewing by our clients. This month's featured webcast is Creating an Environment for Amazing Meetings. You may preview or view the full webcast below.

Featured Webcast

Creating an Environment for Amazing Meetings

Presented by Sandra Wiley Learn the seven deadly sins of a meeting, learn what makes a good meeting, can you replace a meeting with a call or memo... move from "dread" to "amazing".

More Business Performance Improvement Webcasts

The webcasts are short--most of them less than 30 minutes. They are designed to provide a knowledge overview and ideas for further exploration. We know you will find them valuable and enjoyable. We invite you to contact us with your questions. Thank you for visiting us.

About Your Firm

We have partnered with CPA Leadership Institute, a highly regarded training organization, to develop the performance improvement webcasts found on this page. You may click on view preview or view webcast to see either a 2 or 3 minute preview or the 20 to 30 minute full webcast.

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